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Inflatable Movie Screen Equipment Hire

Sundown Moving Pictures will supply you with everything you need to host your own outdoor cinema session. Our state of the art equipment includes two types of inflatable outdoor movie screens, high end audio equipment, and all the cabling required. Further details are listed below.

Screen 1 \96 is our huge inflatable movie screen. It inflates in a matter of minutes and we can rear project onto the screen to give you more viewing space for the audience. The frame is 9.0m wide x 6.5m high with the viewing screen 7.3m wide x 4.3m high. This inflatable projector screen is suitable for very large outdoor events of 300 to 1000 people.

Space requirements: minimum 10m x 10m area for screen with 7m clearance overhead.

Screen 2 \96 is the smaller of our inflatable projector screens. It inflates in a matter of seconds and canalso rear project to provide more seating space. The frame is 4.5m high x 4.3m wide with the viewing screen 2.3m high x 3.1m wide. This outdoor projector screen is suitable for outdoor and indoor shows of a more intimate nature of up to 300 people.

Space requirements: minimum 6m x 5m area for screen with 5m overhead clearance.

Audio is provided by two (2) tripod-based BOSE speakers that are located at the base of the frame, and then a further two (2) tripod-based BOSE speakers located 8-10 metres either side of the screen. This provides a surround sound atmosphere.

Our professional system and mixer allows us to cater for intimate backyard gatherings or for huge community events with hundreds of people. Our audio system perfectly complements the high quality of our inflatable outdoor movie projector screen.

We also have a standard hand-held vocal microphone feeding through the amplifier. You are more than welcome to utilise this for any speeches or announcements before or after the show.

What do you need to do? Not much! We do it all for you. We bring all the gear in, set it up, screen the movie, and then pack it all down at the end of the evening. This allows you to concentrate on running your event. The set-up takes around an hour and packing down the inflatable outdoor movie projector screen takes about 45 minutes. It is necessary to have someone to meet the Sundown crew on-site at the pre-arranged time to ensure correct positioning of the screen and access to power.

A few things to consider when choosing your venue are as follows:

  • Safe venue that has unimpeded access for a vehicle and trailer.
  • Mains power on site or a 5kva generator.
  • Reasonably flat surface for us to set up our screen.
  • Suitable amount of open space for your audience to sit and enjoy the movie.
  • Sufficient lighting for once the movie is finished, so that everyone has a safe exit from the venue.




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